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1. Why, I have to pay? If I can get history for free ?
* This completely false, never official dealer gives you a complete history with mileage full mileage and
with all the repairs.


2. If car comes outside of European Union can i order the report?
* No geographical restrictions.


3. Databases are official?
* Yes all reports are based on real data and only on official World data bases.


4. At the dock presents a report?
* Here are some examples of the reports prepared by our service (click on logo)


5. Can I cancel my order?
* No no cancellation is possible,

unless technical problem on our part and turnaround time exceeded 8 days.

6. If I maintain my car in an official dealership, would the mileage on my bills match that in your report?
Yes, all visits registered and you found it also on the report.


7. I have a BMW F10 series can I order the report?

Not important the series and modeled of your car

only condition that the car manufactures after year 2000 for Bmw and afther 2003 for VAG

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