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It is very simple

1. During the order you give us your chassis number (VIN)*

2. After receipt of payment we proceed to check your (VIN) in all world and official databases (Bmw, Skoda, Seat, Audi, Vw) and also in all approved garages.

3) The report was prepared in a readable format.

4) You will receive your report on your email address within 3 days max.

If you have any question or need help deciphering your chassis number (Free Service) do not hesitate to contact us on our page facebook.

* The Vehicle Identification Number, "VIN code", also called "Vehicle identification number", "Number in the type series" or simply "Vehicle serial number", is a unique alphanumeric code that is given to every motor vehicle since 1954.

It is mentioned in location (E) on European registration certificates. The VIN is present at least twice on each vehicle, it is engraved on the hull, called "Cold Strike on the chassis" and is also found on the "Builder Plate". On newer vehicles, it may also appear in the on-board computer. Introduced in a non-standardized form in 1954 by American manufacturers, it was standardized in 1981 and has 17 characters.

At each technical inspection, the "Cold Strike on the chassis" and the "Manufacturer's plate" are checked to ensure that the vehicle presented is the one that corresponds to the registration certificate.

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