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Want to buy or sell used BMW, AUDI, VW, SKODA, SEAT?

No maintenance book or invoices? Doubt about the real mileage?


Our "Decode Service" allows you to know all the history of your car as well as the actual mileage*

Date of visit at the official dealership or garage (service) + Mileage to date + detailed list of work inspections carried out on the car,engine oil change, front brake mechanism, brake fluid, coding 

And also Color / body type / body color / Options / etc.


Data in the BMW database are stored since 2000
And since 2003 for VAG group cars (Audi, Skoda, Seat, Vw)


* Data are only available if the car has been serviced at official dealerships or an authorized stations (Worldwide) at least once.

* If the car has not been maintained by official dealers, the report will be incomplete.

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